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Below you will find facts and study guides to help you with your Taekwondo studies. Remember a good understanding of Taekwondo philosophy, culture, and history is necessary to master the art.

                           ENGLISH TO KOREAN

Instructor - Sabumnim
Attention - Charyut
Bow - Kyung yea
Ready - joon-bi
Relax - Show
Return to Ready Stance - Barrow
Stop - Gu-mawn
Studio - Dojang
Uniform - Dobok
Flag - Kuki
Grandmaster - Kwang jang nim
Form - Poomsae
Bow to the flag - Kuki-yea kyung yea
Bow to the Instructor - Sabumnim kyea,

Thank you - Gam-sa-ha-me-da
Korean Martial Art - Tae Kwon Do
Faith in Certain Victory - Pilsung
Dismissed - Hat-chaw
Rank - Geup


terms used in class


Be loyal to your country
Be loving to your family
Be faithful to friends
Be obedient to parents
Be cooperative with oth





           To build true

  confidence through 

knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body. To keep friendship with one another and to build a happy and strong community. Never fight to acheive selfish ends but to develop might for right.

student creed


school rules


                    STUDENTS WHO             BREAK THE RULES ARE      SUBJECT TO DISMISSAL

  1. World Martial Arts Academy uniform and school patches are required

  2. Upon entering and leaving the dojang, execute a bow of respect to the flag and to the Instructor

  3. Remove shoes, socks, and all jewelry before entering the dojang

  4. Respect higher ranking belts.Address Black Belts as “Mr, “Mrs, or “Miss,” and answer with “Sir/Ma’am”

  5. Horesplay or lack of self-discipline will not be tolerated

  6. Practice only techniques that have been shown to you

  7. No free-sparring without permission. Saftey equipment required

  8. Martial Arts techniques are to be used only in emergencies.



           "Faith in          certain victory"

school motto


        Respect each other,
    Help each other,
 Be honest,
Always stand by the weak

taekwondo code


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