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Dear Student,


           We at World Martial Arts Academy are glad you have choosen to study this 2000 year old martial art with 7th Degree Black Belt Osvaldo Casta. Master Casta has studied under Grand Master KC Chung, 9th Degree Black Belt, President of the World Tae Kwon Do Association, and member of the World Tae Kwon Do Federation. All classes at World Martial Arts Academy are taught in a traditional, step by step, organized pattern.

           When first starting your training schedule you should try and be as relaxed as possible and not exert yourself to your fullest extent. At our school you will be learning proper breathing control techniques which will help you relax while strengthening your body within. As a beginner you may experience some awkwardness or lack of confidence in what you are doing, but don’t worry - as training progresses you will gain more confidence and self-control. Then you will begin to feel better about yourself as you become more knowledgeable about your newly acquired skills. Master Casta suggests that you attend classes on a regular basis. Since most classes are available to all students regardless of belt rank or age, our class schedule is convenient for everyone.

          Any skill that is worth having requires practice and dedication. With the expert help and professional guidance that will be provided by World Martial Arts Academy, you will begin to realize that you are helping yourself by improving your stamina and self-image. You will start to look forward to attending class because you simply begin to feel better. Students with weight problems will begin to see changes that will occur in their appearance as a result of participating in an organized exercise program. Also, students exposed to stress or anxiety will begin to feel a more relaxed state of mind. All new students will soon experience a greater ability to concentrate and a new found harmony between mind and body as a result of the study of Martial Arts.

         Be assured that you have made the best decision in pursuing the study of Martial Arts by selecting World Martial Arts Academy as your school!


Master Casta & Staff

World Martial Arts Academy

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